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Travel CPAP

Travelling overseas with
your CPAP device

Travelling with your CPAP device needs not be difficult if you treat it carefully and plan ahead.

Travelling overseas with your CPAP device

Nowadays, CPAP is quite small and handy, it is easy to bring along on a trip to continue your therapy overseas. Here are some useful reminder.

  • Check if your CPAP devices are able to be used worldwide voltage (110V to 250V).
    Most aeroplane sockets are 110V and use a US style plug.
  • Bring with a universal adapter for the country you are going.
  • Bring a spare mask, headgear, filters, tubing and etc, to ensure your therapy will not be interrupted by accessories damages.
  • Without external power source, you may need to arrange external battery in advance.
  • Some humidifier does not work with external battery, better check in advance.
  • Empty all water inside the humidifier.
  • When using external battery with CPAP, avoid using it in the area with high oxygen concentration.
  • CPAP device is a delicate device, bring it with care, better hard-carry it.

Tips for travellers

  • Not all airlines allow you to use your CPAP device in flight, so better check with the airlines in advance, so they can arrange in advance if necessary.
  • Going onboard or at the custom, you may need to show a doctor's prescription to verify that you need to use CPAP device.
  • Do not use a humidifier in flight, the inflight vibration may cause water leakage into the CPAP and damage it.
  • Do not consume any alcohol or caffeine beverages onboard, may bring an eye shad or ear plugs to help to get into sleep.
  • High attitude may weaken the function of CPAP, but still worth to use it.

Enjoy your trip!