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Why choose Celki VitalAire?

Being a home healthcare service provider, Celki VitalAire is offering “REGAIN” – Home Mechanical Ventilation (HMV) Support Program to your patients. The chain service starts from the ICU, to the respirator or medical ward, to home after the patient is discharged, and finally nursing care service at home.

Aims of the Regain Program

1. To offer support to medical professionals:

During adaptation/titration phase in hospital, hence reducing the time of hospitalization

At home with close monitoring, constant feedback to medical professionals and tele-monitoring, hence adjusting treatment as prescribed by physicians if needed 6, thus minimizing the possibility of exacerbation and the frequency of readmission to hospital due to acute attack2.

2. To help patients to:

Continuity of support from hospital to home.

  • Benefit from an effective home mechanical ventilation, treatment in their own homes with home visits, education, monitoring and follows up
  • Offer professionally trained respiratory care nurse to take care of patients at home
  • Stay home with family
  • Improve their life expectancy and quality of life

Regain – Intensive Protocol

“Regain” Home Mechanical Ventilation Support Program

According to their pathologies and conditions, patients with suitable clinical conditions for HMV can be generally divided into two groups: “REGAIN-INTENSIVE” and “REGAIN-SUPPORTIVE”.

Celki VitalAire offers the “REGAIN-INTENSIVE” protocol to the patients with more severe pathologies. Pathologies under “REGAIN-INTENSIVE”:

Respiratory Failure Pathologies:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) 1  
  • Neuromuscular Disorder 2  
  • Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema  
  • Hypercapnic Respiratory Acidosis  
  • Overlap Syndrome (COPD / OSA)

Treatment features - In need of an “INTENSIVE” HMV program: 

  • Patients discharged from ICU / RICU (Hospital Ventilation)  
  • Patients dependent on ventilator  
  • Pressure mode or volume / mix mode  
  • 24-hour or nocturnal ventilation  
  • Internal battery is needed for transportation  
  • Adult or paediatric  
  • Long titration and adaptation trial period before discharge

Please refer your patient to us by filling in the online enquiry form, or call us at 2332 3366.

Regain intensive

Regain – Supportive Protocol

Celki VitalAire offers the “REGAIN-SUPPORTIVE” protocol to the patients with less severe pathologies. Pathologies under “REGAIN-SUPPORTIVE”:  

Sleep-Related Pathologies :

  • Obesity / Nocturnal Hypoventilation3  
  • Central Sleep Apnea4  
  • Complex Sleep Apnea  
  • Cheyne-Stokes Respiration

Treatment features - In need of a “SUPPORTIVE” HMV program:

  • Patients being diagnosed at sleep lab (PSG)  
  • Patients cannot be treated by CPAP  
  • Pressure mode ventilation only  
  • Night ventilation only   
  • No need of internal battery  
  • Mostly adult

Please refer your patient to us by filling in the online enquiry form, or call us at 2332 3366.

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Regain supportive

Home Mechanical Devices

Celki VitalAire offers a full range of state-of-the-art ventilators to both hospitals and LTOT patients. Comfort, reliability and user-friendliness are the prerequisites for selecting these devices – which is critical and complicated.
The following tables provide some necessary information to help you choose a proper device. (Suggest to download our “Regain” HMV Support Program booklet for reference)