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Sleep Diagnostic Service
(Sleep Test)

Sleep Diagnostic Service (Sleep Test)

Self assessment

Help your patients assess the likelihood they have sleep apnea and whether further testing is required with this STOP-BANG quiz.

Sleep Study

Although a widespread condition, about 80% of individuals are unaware they suffer from Obstructive Sleep apnea1, and therefore go untreated. Timely diagnosis of your patient’s sleep apnea is important to avoid complications.

For the best benefits of patients, Celki Medical provides an end-to-end solution for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea.
The diagnosis of OSA requires a combination of clinical and laboratory findings. An overnight sleep test is the best way to diagnose sleep apnea. An overnight sleep test can provide an accurate, comprehensive analysis for doctors.
During sleep test, a qualified sleep test technician will place electrode sensors to different positions of patient’s body to measure different sleep parameters.

Home Sleep Test

Sleep test not only can be carried out at hospital, it can also be done at home, where patient feels more familiar, comfortable and no need to travel.  

Please refer your patient to us by filling in the online enquiry form, or call us at (852) 2332 3366.


Reference: 1. Kapur V et al. The Medical cost of undiagnosed sleep apnea. Sleep. 1999; 22(6):749-55.