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CPAP Therapy Support Program

Our Recovery - CPAP Therapy support program provides comprehensive after-sales service to sleep apnea patients to ensure their compliance. Various Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) devices and accessories are available to maximize patient’s comfort.

Sleep Apnea Therapy Services

Successful treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can improve all aspects of a person’s life. CPAP therapy is the ‘gold standard’ and most common treatment, because of its effectiveness across a wide range of cases, and does not involve drugs or surgery. Patients can experience sleep improvements within their first few nights.

Recovery Programs of Celki

Despite CPAP is the most common therapy for obstructive sleep, possible issues may occur during patient’s treatment, such as discomfort, air leakage or mouth dryness, hence Celki has developed a “Recovery” program which consists of the following,

  • TIP - Therapy Initiation Program
    For the above reasons, Celki VitalAire not only offers a range of CPAP devices and accessories for your patient’s treatment, but also a comprehensive after-sales follow-up program – “TIP - Therapy Initiation Program” to ensure CPAP patient’s compliance, with intense telephone and home visit support for the first few weeks and the program lasts for one year. Patients can renew our service program next year. (TIP Pathway)
  • TOP – Therapy On-going Program
    In the second year and onwards, patient’s are recommended to join the “TOP – Therapy On-going Program” to ensure continuous treatment effectiveness will be achieved.
  • START – Sleep Tele-monitoring And Reinforced Titration Program
    Take action from START program, a 2-week intensive program, using daily telemonitoring for patients who seek for full support before investing in their treatment & devices.

Download "Recovery Physician Leaflet" for more details.

Therapeutic Devices

CPAP Therapy
CPAP is a device which delivers pressure to nasal cavity by a mask to prevent the upper airway from collapsing. It is the most effective and common way of OSA treatment which is suitable for mild to severe sleep apnea patient.

BiPAP Therapy

BiPAP is a bi-level positive airway pressure system that delivers two different positive pressure levels. It keeps the upper airway from collapsing by putting higher pressurized air during inspiration and helps users exhale by putting lower pressurized air. A titration is needed in order to find the optimal pressure for inspiration and expiration.

Celki Medical has been a trusted link in the treatment chain of OSA in Hong Kong for more than 30 years.

We work as partners with the prescribing doctors. We follow your prescription, provide feedback about patient performance and compliance, and refer patients back to you when their therapy needs to be adjusted.

Refer your patient to Celki Medical

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