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Oxygen Therapy, OT, 氧療, Celki, 尚健, cylinder, 氧氣瓶, Airliquide

Our Commitment to Patient's
Quality of life

Providing a comprehensive education and follow up program for LTOT patients - “Relief” Oxygen Therapy Support Program, to improve their quality of life and comfort.

We understand the complexities of caring for your patients with COPD and other respiratory diseases. To assist you and your patient, we have developed the “Relief” Oxygen Support Program, a comprehensive education and follow up program specially designed for LTOT patients with regular home visit, telephone follow ups, education, coaching and motivation, and initial quality assurance visits.

We deliver required oxygen therapy equipment to your patient’s home for their safe and timely discharge, and coordinate home oxygen therapy education with families and care givers prior to discharge. Moreover, we provide 24-hour emergency support to your patients.

“Relief” Oxygen Support Program

Refer a Patient

Referring a patient to Celki VitalAire for home oxygen therapy is simple. Just click here and fill in the online form, and our service team will follow up.