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V60 Ventilator
(Hospital Use)

Philips Respironics - V60 Ventilator

Taking NIV further with the confidence to treat a wide range of clinical severities and patients from pediatric to adult.
AppIy in ICU and Respiratory Ward.

1. New modes for the hospital

  • AVAPS maintains a target tidal volume in a pressure limited mode. It provides extra assurance similar to a volume limited mode with the safety of a pressure limited mode.
  • PCV can be used when full control of the patient's breathing pattern is required. Accurate volume monitoring improves invasive ventilation safety.
  • CPAP with C-Flex option offers three levels of flowbased expiratory pressure relief. This leads to improved sleep quality and patient comfort, adding greater flexibility and improved treatment acceptance.

2. Enhance patient's safety

  • Intra-hospital transport with internal 6-hour battery, enhance safety and monitoring.

3. Advanced NIV with Auto-Trak

  • Auto-adaptive leak compensation
  • Auto-adaptive inspiratory triggering
  • Auto-adaptive expiratory cycling

Auto-Trak is an option for a subset of patients who may benefit from a customized titration of triggering and cycling criteria.


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Regain HMV Physician Leaflet

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