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Spirometer & Related products

Lung Function

Philips Respironics & MIR

MIR - Spirometer

Spirodoc Spirometer
Model No.: EQ00798

  • Spirometer with “Touch Screen” display
  • 3D Accelerometer with motion analysis for O2 prescription
  • Pulse Oximeter “intelligent” with on screen results
Spirolab Spirometer
Model No.: EQ00817

  • 10,000 Spirometry tests or 500 hours of Oximetry recording
  • Wireless Real Time test on PC via Bluetooth®
  • Color Touchscreen 7 inches display


Philips Respironics - Respiratory Muscle Strength Tester

Threshold IMT Inspiratory Muscle Trainer
Model No.: AC00433

  • Provide consistent and specific pressure for inspiratory muscle strength
  • Endurance training for patients regardless of how quickly or slowly a person is breathing