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pico cpap mask

Premier Nasal Mask

Lightweight and Stable

Philips Respironics - Premier Nasal Mask

Pico – Silicone Nasal Mask

Model No.: AC03361
  • Minimal Contact 
    A ‘tip-of-the nose’ cushion design that makes minimal contact with the face
  • Comfort and Seal
    A simple to use mask with an excellent seal and offer the freedom to watch television or read while wearing it

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Pico Fitting Guide


EasyLife - Silicone Mask

Model No.: AC02761

  • Specially designed for Asians

  • Dual-cushion construction prevent mask leaks, cushions are replaceable

  • Specially suitable for side sleep users

  • Ultra lightweight

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Easylife Mask Introduction


Gel Masks

Model No.: AC02761
cpap mask

  • Freedom of Movement
    Soft silicone spring allows the mask to self-adjust its angle according to users’ facial movement and sleep position and avoid air leakage
  • Highly Stable
    Headgear back panel provides additional stability
  • Comfortable
    Forehead pad is enhanced with a softy premium blue gel to relief any pressure caused by headgear. Thin and light premium blue gel and form-fitting outer silicone provides extra stability and comfort  

Watching Video:
True Blue Introduction

ComfortGel Blue
Model No.: AC02908
cpap mask
  • Silicone Comfort Flap works as an air cushion, which helps to prevent mask leaks
Small Child Mask
Model No.: AC02908
  • Cushion is a soft, comfortable gel that conform to facial contours.