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Oxygen Cylinder

Oxygen Therapy - Oxygen Cylinder

All our oxygen cylinders have passed the safety test through qualified organization. Every cylinder is filled with medical grade oxygen manufactured from Celki’s own oxygen plant and the production process is complied to ISO9001 :2015 system. Besides, oxygen quality test is conducted by the laboratory quarterly.

Oxygen Cylinder

oxygen cylinders
  • Various sizes to choose from, depends on personal needs.
  • Model (Size): C, D, E

Oxygen Therapy, OT, 氧療, Celki, 尚健, cylinder, 氧氣瓶


Oxygen Therapy, OT, 氧療, Celki, 尚健, relief

"Relief" Oxygen Therapy Support Program Booklet

PDF - 7.64 MB

Oxygen Regulator & Conserving Device

Oxygen Regulator

 Connect to the pin of oxygen cylinder for
 checking the pressure inside the oxygen
 cylinder, allow customer to know when the
 oxygen cylinder needs to be refilled.
Oxygen Conserving Device

  • With oxygen conserving device, usage time of oxygen cylinder can be prolonged.    
  • EvolutionTM: Minimum 2-year battery life (avg. 4 hrs/ daily usage). 
  • O2 Xpress: No battery is needed, small size & light weight. (Only suitable for specific patient)