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Oxygen Therapy, OT, 氧療, Celki, 尚健, nasal cannula, 鼻喉

Oxygen Concentrator Accessories

Oxygen Therapy - Accessories

Connecting to Oxygen Concentrator.


Standard Nasal Cannula
Model.: AC00338 / AC00339

  • Celki provides 7 and 16 feet nasal cannula 
  • Suit for infant, children and adult
Model.: AC03556
  • Connect between nasal cannula / oxygen mask, and connecting tube
  • Easy to use
Bubble Humidifier
Model.: AC00324
  • Fill up with sterile water to humidify oxygen
Connecting Tube
Model.: AC02097 / AC00340 / AC00344
  • To be used with nasal cannula. With 7, 15 and 25 feet to choose.
  • Can connect to a maximum length of 50 feet
Oxygen Mask
  • 7 feet long, covering nose & mouth
Nasal Cannula
Model.: AC00333
  • User only needs to replace the nasal cannula regularly
  • No need to replace the whole connecting tube