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Oxygen Therapy related
Medical devices

Stationary oxygen concentrator is the most commonly used oxygen generating device at home.

Portable and Transportable oxygen concentrators are lightweight & small in size and equipped with battery for outdoor use.  Your patients can maintain their lifestyle and enjoy a long outdoor time by choosing a suitable portable oxygen device.

Oxygen cylinder is the most popular option for outdoor activities: it is easy to operate and more economical. Various sizes are available to suit for different needs.  Our oxygen meets the medical grade safety standard (USPXX111, 93% Oxygen).

For safety: Oxygen cylinder can use as a backup when your oxygen concentrator is not function well or during electricity failure.

Oxygen Conserving Device can be coupled with oxygen cylinder to extend it’s usage hour.

Referring a patient to Celki VitalAire for home oxygen therapy is simple. Just click here and fill in the online form, and our service team will follow up.