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sleep apnea, 睡眠窒息症, OSA, sleep,mask, Amara, 面罩

Oral Nasal Mask

Nose and mouth coverage

Philips Respironics - Oral Nasal Mask

Amara View - Full Face Mask

Amara View
Model No.: AC03424
cpap mask
  • Minimal Contact
    Innovative under-the-nose design leaves no red marks on the bridge of nose
  • Suitable for wearing glasses
    It provides open field of vision to wear glasses, read and watch TV
  • Freedom of Movement
    Quick Disconnect Design allows you to disconnect tubing more easily and let you move around if needed.


Other Oral Nasal Masks

Amara Gel Blue Full
Model No.: AC03439
  • Amara silicone for an exceptionally light mask.
  •  The gel cushion conforms to the contours of the face, providing an exceptional seal and comfort
  • Interchangeable cushions reduce inventory
  • The modular design comes in just four sizes designed to fit over 95% of patient faces.

Performa Trak 
Model No.: AC01992

  • A full mask can eliminate pressure o­n the nose bridge, avoid mouth breathing which affects the patient compliance.
  • Adjustable forehead bracket helps users select the right fit. 
  • Quick release easily disconnects the hose from the mask for higher mobility.

Model No.: AC03083

  • Smaller and less obtrusive than the leading traditional full-face mask