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Minimal Contact Mask

Minimize pressure point on face

Philips Respironics - Minimal Contact Mask

DreamWear Gel Pillow Mask


DreamWear Gel Pillow
Model No.: AC03604-AC03612

mask, 鼻罩, sleep apnea, Dreamwear gel, Philips, 飛利浦

Patients have reported greater satisfaction with their quality of sleep over traditional pillows cushions.1 

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  • Sleep Freely
    Top of head connection let you sleep in any position you want.
  • Quality of Sleep
    The minimally invasive,soft gel pillows provide a more comfortable seal at the opening of the nose to effectively deliver the right therapy
  • Comfort and Prevent Marks
    The soft, flexible gel pillows are minimally invasive, less irritation and conform to different sized nostrils.

Remark 1. Data analysis at 30 days of use of 2017 Philips sponsored patient preference trial (n=80). Prescribed masks include Resmed Swift FX and P10, F&P Opus and Pilairo, and Philips Nuance and Nuance Pro.

DreamWear Mask


Model No.: AC03462-AC03472



Nuance Pro - Silicone Gel Pillow


Model No.: AC03264

nuance cpap mask
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  • More comfort: Ultra lightweight with gel technology in gel pillow and gel padded frame to maximize comfort.
  • Greater Stability: A non-slip headgear holds mask in place throughout the night – useful for supporting user compliance.
  • Easy to use: Simple design is easy to use and fit.


Wisp - Silicone Mask


Model No.: AC03137





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  • Comfortable
    Ultra lightweight. Soft and comfortable.
  • Minimal contact
    Our patented tip-of-the nose cushion design with auto seal groove technology delivers a minmal contact experience with a superior seal.
  • Small & light
    Compact, open field of vision.
  • Simple to use
    Quick and easy to adjust for a superior seal and personalized fit with simple headgear clips.