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Dexcom G7

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Through a sensor inserted just underneath the skin, Dexcom G7 CGM system automatically sends real-time glucose readings to a compatible smartphone, smart watch or receiver every 5 minutes throughout 24 hours, showing where glucose levels are and where they are trending.

Dexcom G7

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  • Zero Fingersticks, No Scanning
  • More Comfortable Wear - Sensor 60% smaller comparing with Dexcom G6
  • All-in-one Sensor - Transmitter-free. More convenient.
  • Shorter Warm-up Time - Complete sensor warmup and start monitoring within 30 minutes
  • More Flexible with Sensor Grace Period - Extra 12-hour grace period for a more seamless transition between sensors
  • Enhanced Alerts - Refined suite of alert settings and sounds for more discretion and flexibility
  • Real-time Data Sharing - Option to share real-time data with up to 10 followers
  • Urgent Low Soon Alert - Provide a 20-minute advance warning ahead of low glucose
  • High & Low Alerts - Able to customize your alerts so you always know when you are heading high or low
  • Dexcom CLARITY® - Keep track of your glucose level, save, print or email your data reports
Dexcom G7 Leaflet

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WHO can benefit from the Dexcom G7?

  • People ages 2+ years old with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes
  • Pregnant women who need glucose monitoring
  • Using Multiple Daily Injections (MDI) or an insulin pump

HOW Dexcom G7 WORKS?

- Simple auto-applicator to insert the sensor just beneath the skin by pushing a button.

- Wear locations: abdomen, back of arm, upper buttocks (ages 2-6 years). 
- Monitors interstitial glucose levels for 10 days.
- Sending data wirelessly to a compatible smartphone or receiver. 

Display Device
- View real-time glucose data and trends either on a compatible smartphone or an optional receiver.


Demonstration Video


Dexcom CGM is shown to help you:

  • Lower HbA1c1,2
  • Increase time in range1,2
  • Reduce hyper- and hypoglycemia1,2
  • Improve quality of life3

Where to Buy?

There are different packages for Dexcom G7. For details, please visit our online shop or Celki VitalAire Experience Centres


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