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Our CPAP Service

CPAP is the most common treatment option for sleep apnea. CPAP treatment is quite complex and possible problems may occur. Hence, we have launched “RECOVERY” CPAP Support Program, providing comprehensive and consistent services for the best therapy result.

Our Comprehensive Services

  • Educate patients on pathology and the benefit of treatment

  • Perform therapy coaching for compliance

  • Ensure patients therapy effectiveness and comfort

  • Motivate patients for long term success

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Therapy Initiation Program (TIP)

Free-of-charge in the first year of therapy

It is provided Free-of-charge in the first year of therapy.  Our experienced colleague will educate you on pathology, resolve problem and monitor treatment progress via home visits and follow up coaching calls.  We will also provide self monitoring and education tools like sleep diary and educational video.

Sleep Apnea, OSA, CPAP, 睡眠窒息症


Therapy On-going Program (TOP)

Achieve continuous treatment effectiveness

It is provided in the second year and onwards. We offer continuous follow-up and regular preventive maintenance on the device.

START Program

2-week intensive program, full support before treatment

Sleep Tele-monitored And Reinforced Titration Program (START Program) is a 2-week intensive program, using daily tele-monitoring for patients who seek for full support before treatment.


Click here for enquiry, or visit any of our shops, or call us at 2332 3366.