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Medela, 美德牌, 尚健, Celki, breastfeeding, 母乳, cradle

Latching On in
Cradle Position

Cradle Position

1. Lower the baby to the level of the breast (so you won’t have to lift the breast).
2. Hold the baby close to your body, well supported by your cradling arm. Rest your arms on pillows for support if needed.
3. Line up the baby’s body so that your nipple touches the baby’s nose.
4. Hug the baby’s hips close to your body.
5. Wait until the baby tips and reaches for the nipple. Some mothers use their free hand to put slight pressure on the breast right above the nipple. This helps point the nipple to the roof of the baby’s mouth.
6. Draw in the baby at the neck, shoulders and hips (the chin will touch the breast first). The baby’s chin will be tucked close to your breast and the nose will be tipped away.
7. Avoid drawing the baby to breast by pushing on the head. This will bury the nose and block your view of baby’s face. The baby’s lips should be flanged.