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How to Choose the Size of Easy Expression Bustier?

Finding a nursing bra in the right size

No idea in choosing the size of easy expression bustier?

Follow the steps below to find out the proper size.

Step 1
Measure around the fullest part(1) of the bustline, keeping the tape measure level.

Step 2
Measure around your body, just below your breasts(2). Be sure to keep the tape level all the way around.

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Enter the results in Bra size calculator (Right Graph), press ‘calculate’ to get the sizing result and check the following table. For example, if the calculation result is 70B(EU), 'S'(small) size nursing bar should be fit.

Remember, every woman is unique and this is just a starting point. It is recommended to try on bras before purchasing to determine the best fit for you. You are welcome to have the trail at Celki VitalAire Experience Centres (CVEC)
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                 Table for size of Medela Easy Expression Bustier  
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