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Tips for
Using Breastpump

Getting Back to Work

Nowadays many mothers need to return to work after maternity leave, thus they choose to incorporate breastpumping into their breastmilk feeding routine.

Using Breastpump:

  • Hold your breastshields correctly using your index finger and thumb,and the palm of your hand and other fingers supporting your breast.
  • Avoid squeezing the flange of the breastshields into the breast tissue. This will squeeze together and compress the milk ducts which are superficial and this can block the milk flow.
  • The first few times you use a breast pump, you may not be able to express as much as you expected. Try to pick a regular time of day for pumping breastmilk. This will allow your body to prepare for this extra demand on your breastmilk supply. For instance, if you always pump one hour after nursing your baby in the morning your body will quickly adapt to this demand.
  • Breastpumping both breasts simultaneously can increase the amount of expressed breastmilk as it empties both breasts more effectively encouraging your body to produce even more.

Breastpumps can be categorized as manually operated breastpump and electric breastpump (single or double pumping). Manually operated breastpumps are more economical and compact, while electric breastpumps have better suction power. Using double pumping can help stimulate prolatic and save time for mothers.