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Common Breastfeeding Problem

How to manage?

You may encounter some difficulties in breastfeeding. Keep going on. There are some tools to help you solve these problems.

Have you faced these challenges?

Delayed initiation of breastfeeding, Infrequent or timed feeding, etc…
When you faced these challenges, you can use these items to assist you

Delayed Initiation of Breastfeeding

Infrequent or Timed Feedings*

  • Use Colostrum Container to collect colostrum


  • If you cannot put your baby to the breast or is still not enough breastmilk, please use double pumping to increase breastmilk production 

*While using breastpump, always try to put your baby to the breast and feed on demand rather than on a schedule.


Supplementing with a Bottle

Poor Latch

  • Use Baby cup, SoftCup Feeder to avoid nipple confusion
  • Use Nursing Pillow to adjust your baby's latch  

Sore Nipples

Breast Engorgement
  • Use lanolin, a natural moisturizer produced by sheep. It promotes moist wound healing
  • Use a nipple shield to protect the nipple while it heals

breastpump, breastfeeding, breastmilk

  • Use a breastpump to soften the breast before feeding
  • Use a few minutes breastpumping to get the breastmilk flowing and then put your baby on the breast

breastpump, breastfeeding, medela