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Correction Plan for Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care Product - Q&A

1. Why is Philips deploying a Sleep and Respiratory Care Product correction plan?

Medical device manufacturer Philips announced that some of its devices equipping patients with respiratory diseases may present a potential safety issue with one of the components (sound abatement foam), and issued a Field Safety Notice.  

Celki VitalAire is very concerned about this, on top of notifying our concerned customers with Field Safety Notice from July 2021, a core team is set up to actively engage with Philips for the progress of the correction plan. 


2. Is the model of my device in the affected list?

The affected Philips BiPAP and CPAP devices:

DreamStation CPAP Auto / DreamStation BiPAP Auto / DreamStation Go / DreamStation ST, AVAPS, ASV / SystemOne ASV4 / SystemOne (Q Series) (  PR System One 50 Series / PR System One REMstar 60 Series )  / C-Series ASV / C-Series ST and AVAPS / OmniLab Advanced+ / Dorma 500 / REMstar SE Auto
Please click here for the latest versions of Field Safety Notice.

The affected Philips mechanical ventilator devices:

Trilogy 100 / A-Series BiPAP A30 / A-Series BiPAP A40 / BiPAP Synchrony

Please click here for the latest versions of Field Safety Notice.


3. How can I receive the Field Safety Notice ?

We sent the Field Safety Notice to our customer through SMS/MMS, for customers who have not registered their mobile number, we notified them by mail or email.
If you do not receive our SMS/MMS notification, it may be blocked by security software or the memory of your mobile is full. To ensure you will receive the latest information, we recommend that you click here to update your contact details.


4. How long will it take for me to receive the repair?

Celki is deploying the plan for retrofit.  

Besides, we are actively engaged with Philips to provide all customers with solutions (including PR System ONE series users).  Upon receiving further information, we will contact the concerned customers for arrangement.  


5. How can I obtain the latest information and arrangements?

Celki notifies customers through SMS/MMS, emails and mails, and will continuously monitor the update information related to the events. We recommend that you click here to update your contact details if there is any change.


6. What if I have other questions? 

If you still have any questions about the event or your case, please click here for inquiries, we will have dedicated staff to answer ASAP. 


7. My registered phone number has been changed, how can I receive SMS notifications?

If your contact information (telephone, email address) has been changed, please click here to update at your earliest convenience to keep you informed of the latest information and arrangement.  


8. How do I keep updated on the Correction Plan of Philips Sleep and Respiratory Care Product?

Please click here to visit the website of Philips Hong Kong for details.