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Celkicare App

What is Celkicare and TeleTREK? & Celkicare App, a proprietary online healthcare management platform developed by Celki VitalAire, provides an easy access of medical reports to patient and medical professional to keep track on treatment effectiveness anytime,

In addition to accessing, simply download the Celkicare App to your mobile phone or portable device, you could view and send your reports conveniently.


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device is the most common method of treating sleep apnea. During the treatment, user should follow the guidelines from medical professional and provide their usage report to them regularly, in order to evaluate their treatment efficiency. Especially in the early stage of treatment, both Celki staff and medical professionals have to monitor user’s treatment progress closely, and provide timely support for users.  To get the report, user must bring the CPAP device’s memory card to Celki’s center for data download, however; some users have expressed their inconvenient to do this regularly.
In response to their concern, Celki VitalAire has developed the TeleTREK-S Remote Monitoring System which connects the user with Celki staff and medical professionals. Through this TeleTREK-S mobile app, user can relax at home and transfer their treatment data easily to Celki VitalAire in minutes. 
Upon receiving user's data, Celki staff will immediately generate the treatment report, and feedback to both user and his physician. 

TeleTREK-S can significantly save CPAP users’ time and effort, results in a greater improvement of treatment efficiency.

TeleTREK Tele-monitoring System

TeleTREK is a revolutionary device built-in or installed onto patient’s home medical equipment.

The compliance and equipment performance information are transmitted to via wireless GSM. Patients, Celki and medical professional can login in to check the device usage data. CPAP and BiPAP can be connected to the and information is stored in

TeleTREK has been applied to more than 2,000 patients, data indicates that can help to resolve common problems of homecare management, results in better therapy outcome.

With Celki‘s Central Tele-monitoring System, end-users can check PSA oxygen purity, flow rate, pressure and compressed air pressure historical performance data via Celki TeleTREK System ( anytime, anywhere.

TeleTREK Mechanism