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Celki, medela, 美德牌, 尚健門市, breastfeeding, 母乳

Medela Breast Pump

For more than 50 years Medela dedicates to develop a collection of breastfeeding products, from breastpumps, breastcare products, breastmilk storage to a full set of accessories to cope with mothers individual needs.

Research Based Breastpump Technology

-   Medela’s 2-Phase Expression is the research based breastpump technology to imitate a baby's natural nursing rhythm, origined from Medela.

Cope with mothers' individual needs

-  Different range and style of breastfeeding product to suit your needs, including:

Safe for baby

-  All Medela products are Bisphenol-A Free

Where should I go for purchase?

Visit any of our Celki VitalAire Experience Centre (CVEC) or other baby retail shops for purchase. For rent, please contact or CVEC staff in advance.