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Story in Celki VitalAire

Enoch Ma - Head of Marketing

Enoch Ma (Head of Marketing)

1. When did you joined Celki VitalAire and what was your role at that time?

I joined Celki VitalAire in 2006 as a Sales Representative after graduation of my Bachelor Degree.

2. Do you still remember why you chose Celki VitalAire when you graduated from university? 

I sought a meaningful career after graduating, which would be something challenging, where I could help people, and be involved in something innovative. My Sales representative role at Celki VitalAire involved interacting with customers, which can be a real challenge, as it requires me to find out what it is the client specifically needs and finding the best solution to meet those needs. Also, providing medical equipment and services to patients is very fulfilling, naturally, because I’m providing something that I know is going to improve their quality of life. And the company is involved in many innovative projects, such as pioneering telemonitoring equipment, which is great to be a part of.

3. Any significant experience in Celki VitalAire which inspired you? 

I think it’s the importance of trust and how to gain that trust given to our customers, who are the healthcare professionals and your colleagues. It’s very important to be well-prepared, as it’s a sign of a respect and it comforts the clients to know you took the time to consider their needs. It’s important that your words are put into action; you should always be checking that projects are getting fulfilled and on time, or that trust can easily fall apart. Also, working as a team is vital for everyone to succeed at this goal, which is achieved best when the team leader leads by example, as I have experienced.

4. What do you think your career path in Celki VitalAire? 

So far, my role in the sales team allowed me to transition into my later role in business development, which later facilitated my current role in marketing. My achievements and experience in both sales and marketing has given me the confidence to take up any opportunities and challenges that arise in the Celki VitalAire / Air Liquide group. So, for me, my path is to take up any new challenges to advance my skill set.