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Story in Celki VitalAire

Alfred Tang - Director of Service

Alfred Tang (Director of Service)

1. Could you please briefly tell us your career development in Celki VitalAire?

My link to Celki dates back to 1994 when I worked as a field technician to perform home visits during that summer; then I continued with my education in electrical and electronic engineering.

After working in the Human Resources field in the retail industry for 3 years, I applied for an opening at Celki for Human Resources and Administration officer in 2000; but got rejected and was offered a position as Supervisor in the Ventilation Team instead. I took up this role and later got promoted as Technical Service Manager in 2003 which requires me to manage both the Technical Repair, and Ventilation Team; and the scope was expanded to Oxygen Plant in 2005. In 2009, I had the opportunity to be transferred to Air Liquide Healthcare headquarters in Paris, to work on the operation standardization topic of Asset and Inventory, and Maintenance Management. In 2011, I was transferred back to my home base Celki as the Director of Service to oversee the service and operation team.

2. How did you become the first staff of Celki VitalAire to work overseas in Paris?

Staff development is always a top priority in both Celki VitalAire and AirLiquide despite the business line and the size of the entity, and the group always encourages different levels of sharing and exchange to broaden the knowledge and network of our colleagues. I believe I was the fortunate one amongst other high potential colleagues in Celki with the fact that my knowledge and specialties in operation is less geographically dependent and can be applicable elsewhere within the group.

3. Were there challenges which you had not expected at that time?

I would say that there are many adaptations when you are living and working in a different country, such as meeting new people. One interesting adaptation when living in Paris, which can be shared, is that the most popular place in the office is the coffee machine area. This is the area where you will be bumping into many different people for some "effective" communication, especially in the morning and after lunch.

4.What is your expectation in Celki VitalAire?

There is a strong service mindset rooted in Celki VitalAire which is the essential success factor in our industry. With this DNA rooted in each of our colleagues, I have no doubt Celki will continue to be the leader in the industry and a brand that our customers love. How we serve our customers will always be one of the reference sites to our colleagues in the AirLiquide group.