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Celki Medical Company

About Celki Medical

Celki Medical Company was established in 1987. It was the first home respiratory care company in Hong Kong introducing long-term oxygen therapy, sleep apnea management and other home health care products and services.

A significant step in advancing respiratory homecare was launched in 1994 when Celki opened its PSA oxygen cylinder filling plant in Hong Kong. Portable oxygen cylinders were introduced to help enhance patient mobility thus enabling them to enjoy a better quality of life.

Celki‘s homecare service is an ISO9002 certified service system, providing home patients with 24-hour emergency services. In the continuous pursue of better homecare service delivery, Celki has developed a proprietary www.celkicare.com homecare information management platform. The platform enables medical professionals and Celki service personnel to view patient’s Essential Homecare Information (which comprises of patient health status, device performance, patient compliance to therapy, and service information) via the Internet anytime, anywhere. Thus assisting the care providers to monitor the home therapy better for better therapy outcomes.

Over the years, Celki has evolved to become a major supplier of respiratory and critical care products to both home and hospital. Celki was also the first to introduce sleep apnea management products and services to Hong Kong. Over thirty sleep centres in local hospitals are equipped with Celki supplied equipment. Celki also works closely with hospitals to develop non-invasive and invasive ventilation both in the hospital and in the home.

In addition to respiratory medicine, Celki business scope has expanded to cover diabetes, hypertension, mother & child, and general homecare. Now Celki has a full range of home healthcare products and services to cater for the different needs of our customers.